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PT. Organo Science Laboratory

Is company established to support organizations/companies in all sectors of business, industry and government, in finding the right Solution in the Field of LABORATORY ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS.

We provide also a wide range of consulting and training services related to laboratory works. And has been granted Accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005) in 2013 from the Indonesian National Accreditation Committee/Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) with the Accreditation No : LP-725-IDN. And has been registered as an environmental laboratory from the Ministry of Life and Forestry with a registration number 0095/LPJ/LABLING-1/LRK/KLH.

We operate our laboratory in a very in good manner according to that ISO Standard. We’re using Instruments : Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrophotometer (GC-MS), Gas Chromatograph Flame Ionisasi Detector (GC-FID), Gas Chromatograph Thermal Conductivity Detector (GC-TCD), Gas Chromatograph Electron Capture Detector (GC-ECD), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HP-LC), Adsorbable Organic Halides (AOX) and Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES).

About Us

PT. Organo Science Laboratory

was established in 2008 in Bogor as a laboratory service company by YAYAN SETIAWAN (Director) and his fellow and college mate IBNU HADJAR (President Director). The company being a service laboratory to gain market share in service demand. The company turned to be the expert in organic chemistry as it grows and learns through experience year after year.

There are about 30 peoples involved in the management and operation. The employees and the management of the company become a big family sharing joy and hardship together. No matter how bad the business situation is, we will always survive to serve all the customers.

Now, the company employs experts and administration personnel to run the laboratory business on day to day basis. Our laboratory operates 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. Here below the key personnel running the laboratory :




GM Admin & Finance


Technical Manager


Laboratory Supervisor


Technical Engineer


Vice Technical Engineer

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Organics Analysis

Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene (BTEX), Hydrocarbons (HC), Methylene Blue Active Substance (MBAS), Oil & Grease (O & G), Organo-Chlorine Pesticides (OCP), Organo-Phosphorous Pesticides (OPP), Carbamate Pesticides, Phenols, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCB), Total Organic Carbons (TOC), Total Organic Halides (TOX), Absorbable Organic Halides (AOX), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC & SVOC), Organometallic Compounds ( Mono-, di- and tri-butyl Tin).

Metal Analysis

Aluminum (Al), Antimony (Sb), Arsenic (As), Barium (Ba), Iron (Fe), Boron (B), Gold (Au), Cadmium (Cd), Potassium (K), Calsium(Ca), Cobalt (Co), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr-VI), Total Chromium (Cr-Total), Manganese (Mn), Mercury (Hg), Sodium (Na), Nickel (Ni), Silver (Ag), Selenium (Se), Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Tin (Sn), Titanium (Ti), Vanadium (V), Zinc (Zn), etc.

Water Quality

Ammonia (NH3), Chloride Cl-), Total Solids (TS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Residual Chlorine (Cl2), Silica (Si), Sulfate (SO4=), Sulfide (S-), Conductivity, pH, Acidity, Alkalinity, Colour, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), Cyanide, etc.

Petroleum & Geothermal

Petroleum (Gasoline) : Metals, Benzene, Odour, Colour, and Sediment. Petroleum (Diesel) : Specific Gravity, Methanol, Sediment, Colour, Total Acid Number. Liquid Petroleum Gas : Gas Composition, Methane, Specific Gravity. Geothermal : Chemical Tracer Analysis: Freon R-134A, Naphthalene Dislulfonic Acids (1,5 : 1,6 : 1,7 : 2,6 and 2,7 NDSA) Non-Condenseble Gases: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxigen, Argon, Helium and Methane.

Ambient Air

Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene, Acetone, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Hidrocarbon, Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Methyl Ethyl Keton, Methyl Mercaptane, Methyl Sulphide, Styrene, Formaldehyde, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ozone(O3), Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Hydrocarbons, Total Suspended Particulates (TSP), Lead, Particulate Matter (PM 2,5), Particulate Matter (PM 10), Ammonia, Sulfide.

Emission Air

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx),Particulate, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), Emission Flow Rate, Opacity.

Industrial Hygiene

Noise, Wetball Temperature Index, Illumination, Vibration, Volatile Organic Compounds, Abestos, Total Fluorides, Metals, Silica, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Ammonia (NH3), Methyl Ethyl Keton (MEK), N-Heane, Furfural, Sulfide (H2S), Methyl Mercaptan, Total Suspended Particulates (TSP).

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Kami dari team PT. Bogor Labs Mengucapkan terima kasih atas pelayanan yang diberikan terhadap kami dan merasa terbantu dengan jasa Analisa Laboratorium Organik, Logam, Air dan Tanah  yang diberikan oleh Team Organo.

Linda Kristiyaningsih

Account Manager, Bogor Labs

Kami sangat merasa terbantu, semoga di tahun 2019 PT. Organo Science Laboratory dapat selalu men support kami dalam segi Analisa dan kerjasama yang lainnya.

Albertus Yan Gunawan

Organo News

Organo Basic Fire Fighting Training 2019

Plaza Amsterdam - Sentul City, Bogor Jawa Barat Training Fire Fighting menggunakan APAR Seluruh karyawan PT. Organo Science Laboratory mengikuti training fire fighting dari petugas Pemadam Kebakaran Dinas Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat. Mengingat environment kerja di...

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